The World Cultural Psychiatric Research Review is an international peer-reviewed psychiatric journal that covers all branches of psychiatry with a particular emphasis on the sociocultural context.

Goffredo Bartocci founded the journal in 2005 by appointment of Wen Shing Tseng (co-founder of the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry along with Bartocci). The first issue appeared in January, 2006 and was officially presented at the 1st World Congress of Cultural Psychiatry in Beijing in September of that year.

Vittorio de Luca was part of the editorial team since the beginning (as co-editor with Bartocci). At the 2012 World Congress in London, de Luca was appointed Editor-in-Chief by Bartocci (President) and Kamaldeep Bhui (President-Elect); he was confirmed in this role at the 2015 World Congress in Puerto Vallarta by Sergio Villaseñor Bayardo (President). In 2016 Vittorio de Luca was succeeded by Mario Braakman, the current Editor-in-Chief.